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At Express Care, we know you have spent your hard earned money on your car, truck or minivan and you want to take care of your investment the right way.  That's why we are here!  We've been your one-stop shop for quality oil changes for over 20 years.

Full Service Oil Change

With every oil change our friendly and knowledgeable staff will perform the following: replace engine oil, install new oil filter, lubricate chassis, check air filter, check cabin filter, check & fill transmission fluid, check & fill brake fluid, check & fill power steering, check & fill engine coolant, check & fill washer fluid, check & fill differential fluid, check & fill transfer case, check wiper blades, check battery, check belts, check hoses, check exterior lights, check & adjust tire pressure, clean outside windows and perform service review.  


Air Filter / Cabin Air Filter

Check engine and cabin air filter and replace if needed.

Transmission Flush

We use the RTI's Transmission Flush Machine.  It is tied into the transmission cooler lines and a Valvoline Automatic Transmission Flush is added to flush the system.  We then add fresh transmission fluid and top it off with a Valvoline Conditioner and Sealer additive.

Radiator Flush

Using the RTI's Radiator Flush Machine, we tie into the upper radiator hose and add a Zerex Radiator Super Flush additive to the radiator.  After flushing, we fill the cooling system with the manufacturer recommended type of anitfreeze.  They system is then topped off with a Zerex Water Pump Lubricant and Protector.

Fuel Filter Replacement

We can remove and replace auto fuel filters.


Serpentine Belt Service

Replacing your serpentine belt based on your manufacturer's recommended schedule is important because it powers your vehicle's alternator, power steering, water pump and air conditioning.  If your vehicle's serpentine belt has more than three cracks per inch in the ribbed section of the belt, or cracks that penetrate more than halfway through the thickness of the belt, it should be replaced.  

Fuel System Cleaning

Benefits of a fuel system cleaning: cleans vital areas of your engine, restores maximum power and performance to your vehicle's engine, eliminates rough idle, hesitation and knocking, reduces emissions caused by deposits and restores engine efficiency and fuel economy. 

Power Steering Flush

We use the RTI's Power Steering Flush Machine.  We flush the system with a Valvoline SynPower Power Steering Flush additive.  The power steering system is then refilled with Valvoline Synthetic Blend Power Steering Fluid.

Manual Transmission Service

We can drain and refill your fluids. 


Wiper Blade Service

When you're on the road, it's a critical safety concern to have a clean windshield.  That's why we always inspect your wiper blades when you bring in your car.  And if we find that your blades are won, we'll replace them for you.  

Differential Service

Replacing differential fluids as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer helps extend the life of your front and rear differential and restores additives that protect your car or truck's gears.  

Transfer Case Service

We can drain and refill transfer case.

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